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The Emmys 2022

I have said it before and it bears saying again, Red Carpet dressing isn’t easy. Fashion houses are often keen to showcase the edges of their work on clickbait stars rather than on anyone for whom their style works well. You are forced to notice the dress not the person wearing it, the very opposite of what a well styled, well-dressed person should achieve, but great PR for the company. Or not of course. Because some of their offerings are, truly, beyond redemption. And there are pictures to prove it! And even if you manage to avoid this pitfall because you are too famous to care, or not famous enough to count, getting the RC look right is tough. An outfit that might turn heads at your average society wedding can end up looking ‘less than’ here whilst the die hard, tried and tested looks that have worked since the beginning of time and pay no homage to the modern trend for sartorial lunacy are – well - elegant, but sadly dull. This year’s Emmy awards, arriving on my screen as a colourful relief from the sea of black that is the British Royals in mourning (how many black A line dresses does a Queen Consort need?) proved to me that the Red Carpet dilemma lives on, bigger and better (which means of course worse) than ever before. This year’s trend, perhaps in deference to the move for repurposing preloved items appeared to be an explosion in a net curtain factory. It was, as it is apparently famed for, a riot of colour and voluminous silhouettes many of which, and this was the unfortunate part, consisted of miles of untamed voile that threatened to eat their wearers alive. There were some winning looks too of course, so just click on the link below and scroll through my selection of the good , the bad and the downright incomprehensible from this years offerings……………

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