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About Me

Dressing well influences how we feel and how others feel about us, how we behave and how others behave towards us. It dictates where we can go and what we can achieve



With over 30 years of styling experience to my name, there is very little that I don't know about what – and what not – to wear.


I began my working life as a Textile Agent in London’s West End working with retail giants and major fashion houses across the capital. Since then my life and work have taken me around the world and I now share my time between London, Tel Aviv, and New York.

As an image, style and makeover expert I have seen the face of the industry change, not only in the fashions of the moment but also in terms of what, where and how people buy. I understand the visual world in which we are all operating and the importance of looking good at all times. I work with my clients to ensure they understand their body geometry and their individual style personality and I create wardrobes that work for them and for the life they lead. .


.My job is to ensure my clients spend wisely and dress splendidly.

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