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Sussex Swan Song

I hope I am not going to alienate too many of you when I confess to not being a fan of Meghan Markle. I see in her shades of a manipulative, self-serving and somewhat spoilt minx whose heart is not really in the right place and in whose hands the heart of her husband is not entirely safe. I am no Royalist, but in my opinion anyone who takes on a job, whether it be in a local supermarket or entering into 'The Firm', should be willing to put their backs into it and Ms Markle simply was not. That said, I will miss her addition to the Royal Fashion Fest and in that regard I am certainly not alone.

Ms Markle went out last week in a flurry of glory, fashionably speaking, and the self satisfied smile on her face showed she knew it. Overshadowing her eternally harmless sister -in - law on the runway of royal engagements, she positively shone in each of her final three outfits - an exit worthy of a significantly more substantial Hollywood player than she has hitherto proved herself to be.

At the Commonwealth Day services at Westminster Abbey, Meghan wore Emilia Wickstead in a brilliant shade of emerald green, accessorized with Aquazurra stilettos and a William Chambers hat.

At the Mountbatten Festival of Music she dazzled in a wonderful Safiyaa full length red cape dress with shoes to match, and at the Endeavour Fund awards Markle donned Victoria Beckham; a bright blue form-fitting midi dress with Blahnik stiletto pumps and a Stella McCartney clutch.

As for Harry: In a simplistic show of sartorial solidarity, the Sussexs stepped out in catchy matchy style- his Commonwealth Event suit sporting an emerald lining, her scarlett ensemble a match to his Dress Uniform.

Time alone will tell whether this union is sufficiently robust to make it through. There appears to be no doubt that Markle has blown a hole in the Royal Family and alientated her husband from everyone to whom he has, until now, been close. As a woman whose only family member attending her wedding was her mother ( for whom I have immense respect; dignified woman and a snappy dresser to boot) this may be something she is able to withstand. My personal belief is that no one person in life is more important than everyone else. It remains to be seen if that is the conclusion Harry will come to in time.

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